Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love them.
I love to make them.
I love to see my kids' faces as they enjoy them :)

Here are some I made today. I FINALLY bought a cake decorator set and tried it out just a tiny bit.

I think I will make those orange ones, again, for Halloween! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cupcake Creations :)

I have started out on a new venture.
The road is slow going, but I am patient :)

For a couple years now, I have been making (...creating, whatever you wanna call it...) Birthday invitations for my friend's kids. They have ALWAYS given me super feedback and would insist that I do "something" with my talent.

So, I have...finally.

I call it Cupcake Creations and I have my own little etsy store.
I specialize in kid's birthday invites, but can make any kind of invite you want or need.
This is something I have enjoyed doing for years and just needed some friends to push me, well, more like make me do something with it. LOL
So, I owe it all to them. If it wasn't for all of their kind words and encouragement, Cupcake Creations wouldn't exist.
They are the icing AND the sprinkles on my cupcake :)
Love you guys!!!!

So, if you wanna, head on over to my teeny part of etsy and have a look at what I have made so far. If you don't see what you need, just drop me an email and I can hook you up! :)

AND -- I also have a FaceBook Fan page...the link is right over there...in the right side column :)

(just click on my little banner)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Please help get John to Hawaii!!!

My insanely generous (AND gorgeous!!) friend, Hope, is sponsoring a giveaway on her blog.
We are trying to raise money to help get a Cancer patient to Hawaii as one of his "last" wishes...

Please, please PLEASE to go her blog and read his story.
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BUT for EVERY dollar that you DO contribute, you will get yourself an entry. Soooo....$25 = 25 entries!!!
Come on peeps!!! Let's help this guy and his family out!
We can ALL find an extra dollar laying around! I KNOW you all can! :)

Thanks Guys!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Summer!

Summer is now, in full force, in Wisconsin.

It is hot, humid and just drains you like crazy!

Dave's vacation HAS begun and he has a week and a half off of work.
This will be THE busiest week and a half EVER.

Today and Tomorrow, him and the girls will be gone camping, then they will get back on Friday.

On Friday, my sister and her family will be coming up to stay with us. Then, that night, we are going to watch my nephew race his go-kart. After that, Dave might take Jackson to a fireworks display show at one of our favorite Fireworks Warehouses.

On Saturday is ... well, I can't really say just yet just in case someone might be reading this.
And that will be an all day affair. LOL

Sunday...we have church and our 11 year anniversary!!!! We will be staying overnight in a very nice, romantic hotel suite :)

I THINK Monday and Tuesday are our "down" days.

On Wednesday, we leave for our little summer vacation to Wisconsin Dells. We are staying here. I am soooo incredibly excited because, not only is the room/condo extremely comfortable and HUGE, the weather is supposed to be PERFECT so we can visit ALL of the Wilderness's 4 outdoor waterparks!!!

This will be one of the waterparks we will have at our Resort.
Our room is actually facing this one :)

We get back home :( on Friday.

Saturday is our HUGE 3rd of July party. LOL. Yes, I said 3rd of July.
Anyway, our fireworks show is A-MAAAAZING and the kids can all go swimming, adults get to all hang out, drink, eat and have a good time.
We started this party thing last year and it was a success, so we are doing it every year now.

Sunday is the 4th of July and Dave goes back to work that night :(

There. Vacation is done.
Well, just in thought, but it really hasn't even started yet! LOL

I have been a HORRIBLE photographer, lately. I have NOT taken ONE single pic with my camera in WEEKS!!!!
OF Course, that will change with going to my nephew's race, the thing that is happening on Saturday, our vacation to the Dells and with our party.

So, hold me to it people...I will have some killer pics to share the 2nd week of July!!

Have a Rockin', Fun in the Sun Summer and I will catch ya'll lata' !!!!! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pictures...for your viewing pleasure :)

I haven't been a good blogger, lately, so I thought I would hook ya'll up with some pics.

The weather has been super, so we have been spending LOTS of time out in the yard. I do love my yard. I like to sit out on the front deck and just soak up the warm air. Yea. I said WARM air, not the hot and humid stuff...lol.

Anyways, I took the good ol' Canon S5IS out for a tour around the yard when the weather started gettin' real nice...and here is what we came up with :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh....The ever so perrrrrrrrrty tulips and Lillies of the Valley....sooooooo peaceful looking.

One of my three Lilac bushes in the front yard. I can sit on the deck and smell their wonderful smell....love it!!

Here is the view from my side-yard, looking towards the front. You can see ONE of my Lilac bushes and the nice BIG Barrel planters that Dave's mom put in when she lived here.
She did some awesome work around this place!! I LOVE the landscaping...it just sucks having to keep it up! LOL

Here is a pic of my Hostas on the side of the house, facing the driveway. Now, these pics were all taken in the beginning of May...well, maybe mid-May...
NOW, these babies are seeping over the little edging we have there. They just get so dang huuuuuuuuge!! I will have to take an updated pic, soon, if it will ever stop being so yucky out :(
But, anyway... I Love em!

Moving around towards the back of the yard, we have Dave's little garden :)
He planted Strawberries and Onions.
Yea. I think we will be eatin' up LOTS of onions!!! Huh....at least I can try and make my own salsa from our OWN onions!!!! LOL

I felt like taking a walk back behind our big ol' storage shed and found this tire.
I don't know why, but it just looked like it would look good in a pic, so I snapped a shot.

Around the back of the shed, we have a buncha land. Not quite sure how much...maybe 2 acres? We have 5ish total, but we have a BIG yard that we use and more on the side of our house...so if I had to guess, I would say there is 2-2.5 back there.

ANYWAY-- kinda in the middle of the field is this big old tree and a little baby tree next to it. Thought it was pretty cute.

This pic kinda looks like it should be in a storybook...it looks too perfect, almost.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy early Mother's Day to ONE lucky Winner....Will it be YOU??

My friend Hope is sponsoring yet ANOTHER awesome giveaway.
This one is EXTREMELY generous!
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jenna!!! (March 26)

Jenna's birthday was Friday, March 26th.
My middle child is now 12...one more year til the teen years begin...BUT
if you were gauging it by attitude, oh. Well. Then she's already in her teen years...lol :)
I think she has more attitude than Haley, lately, and Haley is 14!!! LOL
But don't get me wrong...I love my girls ohhh sooooo very much. They brighten my day, just thinking of them!!

In honor of Jenna's bday, I am going to share some of my favorite pictures of her :)

Here is my baby Jenna. So weird how she looks NOTHING like this now. I mean, not even her nose, or her freckles...soooo not my baby anymore :(

Jenna & Jocelyn.
One of my favorites, because we don't see our Joce much anymore, we miss her something terrible! :(

Here's BOTH of my girls.
Way back when they didn't fight so much. Back when they actually played nice together.
Ahhhhhhhh...those were the days....

I took this pic of Jenna a couple summers back. It is my FAVORITE picture of her.

I hope you had a super birthday, JenBen :)