Tuesday, January 26, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...in my Kitchen :)

Anyone have stuff in their kitchen that they just love? That it wouldn't be THEIR kitchen unless these things were in it??
I have a few of those :)

I'll start ya off with something simple. A towel. This is no ordinary towel. It is a flour sack towel. I love love loooooove it! Why? I mean, geez...it's just a plain, ol' stained, worn out, thinning towel!?!?!?

Well, that's just it. Everything that makes it plain, makes it great!
I love that I can just throw it over my shoulder, that it is long enough to actually stay up there! LOL. I love that it is thinner, so that when I hold a big glass mixing bowl, to dry it, that it actually is easy to grip the towel over the bowl...and that it is large enough to cover the whole thing while I dry it.

My next favorite thing, was mentioned a bit in the last paragraph.
My 3 glass mixing bowls. Love them. Of course.

I actually need a couple more, I think. I mean, you can NEVER have too many mixing bowls! Maybe I will go for some colored ones. Maybe ones that come with lids...so that I may store up a fruit salad or prepare a cake mix a few hours ahead of time...you know, you should always be prepared...lol :)

Keeping up with the glass stuff...A couple months ago, I found a 6 pack of Coke IN GLASS BOTTLES at WalMart. So, I bought them. Coke tastes it's absolute best coming from a glass bottle. No if's and's or but's about it. It's just a proven fact. (according my my taste buds, anyway)
Well, I drank up the delectable liquid and maybe shared one or two, rinsed them out and now they sit on my shelf, in my kitchen...above my sink.

What is that old can doing up there, you ask? Well, when the girls were cleaning out the old milkhouse to make it into a clubhouse, they found this. It was realllllly dirty and yucky, so I washed it up. You can't tell, but it is the round, hard edged can from ... maybe the 80s. Nowadays, the cans have more rounded edges. And the opening is very small. Today's soda can has the "wide mouth" opening.
Anyway, I just thought it was a good addition to my glass bottles :)

I did tell Dave that maybe I should change my kitchen theme to Coke, but nah. I am thinking maybe just no theme. LOL. Or all things red? I love that color.

AND speaking of red...

This was one of my Christmas presents and she is oh so loved :)
My Keurig Mini Brewer is the PERFECT addition to my kitchen. Not only is my mom happy to have THE perfect cup of coffee or two when she visits, my sister, Angie, will no longer have to run to the gas station in the morning, when she visits!!! LOL
I cannot say enough about this little machine.
I have never been one to drink a full pot of coffee...not even 4 cups. It's usually a one cup day for me, unless I get ALL my housework done and just want to cozy up and relax at the end of the night...THEN it turns into a 2 cup day.
But for real. This little lady makes a mean cup of coffee. I love her and her little flavorful cups, too!

Moving on to my next favorite thing. Well, it is my 2nd to last on this post, but there are SOOO many lovable things in my kitchen...as you will see with my last one :)
But this one...WOW.
It is the newest addition...

Chili will never be the same...without her. She has helped me perfect Chili as we know it.
She also helped me out with the PERFECT pot roast!
The Pioneer Woman will be takin' up camp on my countertop from now on.
I suggest to all, if you LOVE to cook or bake or would like to learn HOW to love it...GET THIS BOOK!
**Here...I will help you out...Just comment on your favorite thing(s) in your kitchen and you will receive an entry to get this cookbook FOR FREE!!! You can also tell everyone on your FB page to come and enter AND Blog about it...BOTH will get you one more entry...each!!**

And even if you already have this, that's OK...you can just try to win and spread the joy by giving it away to someone who NEEDS it. But then again, I honestly think that EVERYONE needs this book!!
You can read up on what this book is all about here.

And now...
On to my last favorite thing that spends lots of time in my kitchen...

This little guy is MY FAVORITE Kitchen addition...lol :)

He spends LOTS of time in here...askin' for Coco (chocolate milk), Spiderman fruit snacks, chickens, cheese, corn and checkup (ketchup).
It always makes my day when I see his little smile!!

**Cookbook giveaway**
Up to 3 entries per person. You must comment and list your favorite kitchen person or thing :)
Relatives, VERY close friends and NEW friends are all invited to enter. The winner will be chosen, at random, on a piece of paper, stuck in a plastic Fireman's hat, and picked out by my last favorite Kitchen addition on Friday, January 29th, 2009 at Noon CST.

Thank you all and GOOD LUCK!!


Gisela said...

LOVE all your kitchen items...but the last one is the cutest!!!

I have a few favorite kitchen items:
1- my coffee pot. it is ESSENTIAL
2- The sign that says "Good Morning, Let the Stress Begin"
3- My Pictures of desserts...it is the start of my kitchen remodel

Gisela said...

I blogged about it!


suburban prep said...

What a cutie you have there.

My list is
1. my husband --he likes to bake--in fact he was in there making brownies last night.
2. I love the baker's rack--because there really isn't a lot of room in our kitchen this is a great thing.
3. I have a kitchen witch I was given by a cousin and uncle when I was graduating from high school. it has followed me where ever I have lived. My six yr old niece asked my sister for one for when she helps bake goodies too.

msgb245 at gmail dot com

Stacemonster said...

Nice blog, MJ! My favorite kitchen item is my Pampered Chef kitchen shears. I use it for everything!

Becky said...

No way I could pick just one favorite kitchen gadget, so here's a few :)

-crock pot (love it for those nights I have to work!)

-blender (my 2 yo won't eat textured food, so I'm working on diff. concoctions he'll drink LOL)

-microwave (4 kids and a husband, 'nuff said)

-Pampered Chef chopper (love it...chops it all up so nice and doesn't leave a mess!!!!)

Ok I'll stop, I could go on and on...great giveaway!!!

Stephanie said...

My kitchen is lacking in so many ways. I never buy the things I need, but i have several things i LOVE 1.) My apron collection, most of them are from anthropologie 2.) my pink kitchen aide 3.) my newest affection is for appliqued hand towels that i have gotten from anthropologie and custom made from friends.

Stevy said...

Very nice blog MJ!
My favorite kitchen things are-
1)My kitchen aide mixer
2) My mini muffin pan-use it all the time.
3) Any and all pampered chief products!

Dana said...

My fav kitchen thing is my husband unloading the dishwasher

Gina said...

Great blog Mary Jo!!
Here are just 2 of my favorites:
1. Wustof santoku knives--used for everything!
2. microplane graters
3. vitamix blender

ebetonte said...

i would love to have a keurig! green tea would be so much more tasty if it were just seconds to make! my favorite gadget is my waffle maker. love breakfast!

ebetonte said...

gunnar is becoming quite the cook in our house! he loves the blender...really anything that sounds like it belongs in the garage as one of daddy's tools is his favorite.

Cheryl said...

My favorite things from my kitchen are:

1. My cookbook collection~ It is as if I have amazing chef's right at my finger tips. Ready to dole me out the best recipes and cooking tips known to man.

2. My set of Orange Splattered Paula Dean Cook ware ~ My home is painted in orange and blue and the orange of Paula's cook ware matched perfectly, so my husband purchased them for me. Aww, so sweet!

3. I too have a little helper, well actually two. One is my 5 yr old daughter (the best helper eva! and my trusty poodle, Annie, who is faithful to sit on my feet and patiently waits to clean up any mess mommy makes on the floor).

Cheryl said...

Posted on my facebook page.